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Our name says it all.

We challenge ourselves to live up to the promise of our Latin name, Paratus [puh·rat·tuhs], which means “prepared” or “ready.” We go beyond the technical considerations to understand each client’s philosophy, strategy, goals, and competitive landscape—and ultimately secure the best possible patent results.

Our Values


Our business relationships are warmly professional. We speak openly and often with clients by phone, even outside of normal business hours. We encourage office visits, and gladly make arrangements for international trainees who come to D.C. to work together with us.


The people we work with are the most important part of our business. That means we do what is right for clients, not focusing only on what is gainful for us. We cherish long-term relationships and continually earn our clients’ trust through extraordinary diligence, communication, and expertise.


In our field of law, every word counts and every deadline is sacred. We investigate, fact-check, and report every detail. We constantly update our clients on their case status and deliver all work in a timely manner.


Our attorneys and administrative staff enjoy a culture of teamwork unusual in our industry. Instead of competing for status, we share information and support each other in order to deliver efficient, high-quality results for our clients.

Global Citizens

We live in D.C., but we also inhabit the global business world. We observe our clients’ typical business practices as seriously and carefully as we handle their patent applications. Our practice respects and honors all cultures.

We're interested in getting to know you.