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Travis B. Ribar

Attorney at Law / Director of Chemistry and Biotechnology Group

+1 (571) 313-7567

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Protecting the newest advances in science and technology is exciting! One of the best parts of my job as a patent attorney is that not only do I learn about these advances, but I can also share our clients’ excitement for their inventions. This in turn permits me to enjoy another great part of my job – I get to build close client relationships, which helps me protect our clients’ ideas and shape their future strategies.

Protecting our clients’ intellectual property allows me to turn strangers into friends, and clients into relationships. I enjoy constantly communicating with clients and working together with them while navigating the U.S. intellectual property landscape. Ensuring that our clients’ needs are met takes time, which has resulted in lifelong friendships and close client relationships with people from around the globe.

Having close client relationships makes me a better attorney. The best way to fully understand our clients’ goals is to have a close relationship with them. This combination of having a good client relationship and the ability to effectively convey our clients’ ideas to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is what helps me perform effectively as a patent attorney.

Client relationships do not end at my office door. I regularly travel around the world to visit friends and clients, from local venues such as Cleveland, Ohio, to more distant cities including Tokyo, Japan. I also regularly take clients and friends from abroad to visit some of the great National Parks in the United States! I try to take a proactive approach to visit my clients often, rather than waiting for my clients to come visit me.

I try never to settle for good enough.

My chemical background allows me to assist a broad range of clients. My Master’s Degree in Macromolecular Science has allowed me to help clients in industries as varied as pharmaceuticals, medical devices, medical diagnostic compositions, semiconductors, adhesives, sealants, coatings, rubber compositions, batteries, and golf balls.

I utilize my experience as a Patent Examiner at the USPTO to help our clients navigate the sometimes difficult waters of patent prosecution. Patent law language is a language unto itself. The ability to take a client’s idea and convey it to the USPTO in a way that is effective and accurate is a bit of an art form. My years of patent prosecution, inter partes review, and reexamination experience, together with my time as a former Patent Examiner, have provided me with the ability to take a client’s idea and put it into a context that a U.S. Patent Examiner or Administrative Patent Judge may find most persuasive.

I spend much of my time at work figuring out how clients can best achieve their goals. Whether clients desire to obtain a patent, get an opinion on a third-party patent, or utilize one of the USPTO’s many post-issuance review processes, much of my daily work is spent figuring out how best to advance our clients' goals.


  • Juris Doctor, Georgetown University Law Center
  • Master of Science, Macromolecular Science, Case Western Reserve University
  • Bachelor of Science, Polymer Science and Engineering, Case Western Reserve University

Bar Admissions

  • Commonwealth of Virginia
  • District of Columbia
  • United States Patent and Trademark Office

Professional Activities

  • American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA)
  • American Bar Association (ABA)

Conference Presentations and Publications

  • Co-author, The Essential Caselaw Guide to PTAB Trials, ABA Book Publishing, 2018, primary author on Evidence chapter and contributing author on Discovery chapter.
  • “The Continuously Evolving Landscape of PTAB Trial Practice: What’s In and Out LIVE Webcast,” broadcast by The Knowledge Group, November 14, 2016.
  • “Post-Grant Proceedings on the Rise: Effective Tips to Upgrade Your Patent Toolbox LIVE Webcast” broadcast by The Knowledge Group, July 18, 2016.
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